How Are Early Orthodontic Plans Tailored to Individual Needs?

At Feil Orthodontics, we recognize that each smile is unique, with its own set of needs and goals. We’re dedicated to crafting personalized orthodontic plans that are specific to you. Whether you’re looking for subtle adjustments or a complete transformation, our team makes sure that your treatment is built to provide the best results. Let’s dive into how we create these custom plans to make your dream smile.

The Start of Your Orthodontic Journey 

Your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile starts with a free consultation. During your first visit, we put you in the spotlight. After getting to know our office, our team, and Dr. Feil, we sit down with you to go over the details. 

Looking at Your Smile

We go through your dental and medical history to get caught up to speed. Then, it’s time for a detailed look at your teeth, jaws, and facial structure. We use state-of-the-art tools like advanced 3D software and X-rays to get an in-depth map of your smile. 

Your Voice in Your Treatment

During your exam, we’re your ear to hear all of your burning questions and concerns about potential treatment. It’s our job to guide, reassure, and support you throughout this life-changing journey. 

Tailoring Your Orthodontic Treatment

Once we’ve gathered the foundation of your smile, it’s time to start creating your personalized treatment plan! We bring together all of the information we gathered. Your plan takes into account your dental history and your lifestyle preferences.

Your plan includes the specifics of your treatment, from how your appliance works, how to clean and maintain it, and how often you’ll come back to see us during your treatment. From a simple adjustment to a major alignment, our team dedicates themselves to finding the best solution for you.

How Are Early Orthodontic Plans Tailored to Individual Needs?

What is an Orthodontic Plan?

An orthodontic plan is a guide designed by Dr. Feil to correct any dental issues you might be facing. The plan includes a detailed breakdown of your smile, medical history, and goals for your smile. 

It outlines the type of orthodontic appliance we’ll use, how long your treatment will be and all the steps in between. It’s our job to make sure you’re informed every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Orthodontic Treatment

At Feil Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in offering a range of orthodontic options. Each option has its own set of benefits, and we work with you to find out the best to fit your needs. Let’s look into your potential options:

Metal Braces

Known for their strength and durability, metal braces are a time-tested option for your smile. Metal braces are perfect for even the toughest of cases. They’re suitable for patients of all ages and are customizable to give you a fun, personalized look.

Ceramic Braces

Metal braces clear cousin – Clear braces, or ceramic braces, are the middle ground between clear aligners and traditional braces. Built using brackets made of ceramic, clear braces blend into the natural shade of your teeth. A less noticeable treatment with the same robust design of metal braces! 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a popular choice for our patients looking for a less noticeable and flexible treatment option. They’re almost invisible and are removable for eating and cleaning, making them a convenient option for our more busy teens and adults. 

Clear aligners are perfect for moderate to mild cases and for those who can handle a bit more responsibility. Because of this, we recommend them for older teens and adults only.

Each of our options is tailored to address your specific needs so you’ll have the best possible results.

Keeping Your Treatment on Track

Regular check-ups and adjustments are a key part of your orthodontic journey. Coming into Feil Orthodontics for your regular appointments lets us keep an eye on how your smile is doing and make any changes that might be needed to your treatment plan.

Throughout your treatment, our team is here to support you every step of the way. We’ll answer your questions, address any concerns, and make you feel confident and informed at every stage.

How Are Early Orthodontic Plans Tailored to Individual Needs?

Begin Your Treatment With Feil Orthodontics

At Feil Orthodontics, we’re committed to making treatment plans that are tailored to meet your needs so you’ll have the best results and a great experience. If you’re ready to start on your orthodontic journey, schedule a free consultation with us today and take the first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile in Bismarck, Mandan, or Beulah.