Tune-Up Your Smile with Clear Aligners

As our most popular alternative to traditional braces, our custom clear aligners can give you the same beautiful results as braces without metal brackets or wires. If you want a more discrete treatment, aligners could be your perfect fit! The removable aligners are also an excellent choice for athletes and musicians who play specific instruments. We at Feil Orthodontics will help you get your dream smile with clear aligners without disrupting your life!

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners straighten your teeth without any brackets, bands, or wires. Instead, they use a series of removable clear aligners to move your teeth gently and comfortably. We customize each set of aligners in our office specifically for you with the help of 3-D computer imaging that gives us a detailed look at where the teeth are and where we want them to be.

If you spend time watching tv or online, you probably know a little about clear aligners. While the design looks simple, a lot goes into those trays! Clear aligners at Feil Orthodontics are made of a unique thermoplastic material that’s smooth enough to be comfortable but strong enough to move your teeth into alignment. When you wear your clear aligners according to the guidelines from Dr. Feil, they can be just as effective as traditional braces at treating many of the most common orthodontic issues.

How do clear aligners work?

The first step in your orthodontic journey is a free consultation with Dr. Feil in our Bismarck, Mandan, or Beulah office. During your visit, Dr. Feil will thoroughly examine your teeth and bite. If you’re a good candidate for clear aligners, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan considering your specific needs, preferences, and goals.

Your treatment plan will include all the movements we want your teeth to make and an estimate of how long we expect treatment to take. We’ll start designing your aligners in our office using the 3D scan of your teeth and gums as our guide. That means you’ll never have any uncomfortable, messy impressions, and with the next-day turn-around, you’ll start straightening your smile immediately!

Because they’re custom-designed, the aligners will fit firmly but comfortably over your teeth. For them to work correctly, you must wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily throughout treatment. You should only remove your aligners to eat, drink anything other than water, and brush and floss. You may experience longer treatment times and subpar results if you don’t follow these recommendations.  

You’ll need to switch your aligners out for the next in the series every one to two weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right direction. We’ll schedule follow-up visits for you every 6 to 10 weeks to check that everything is progressing as it should be. 

Every case is unique, and everyone responds to treatment differently, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to how long treatment will take. On average, treatment with clear aligners requires between 24 and 36 aligners over a 9 to 15-month timeframe.

Tune-Up Your Smile with Clear AlignersBenefits of clear aligners over braces

It’s not surprising that what patients love most about our in-house clear aligners is that they are discreet and removable. However, there are many other benefits to this innovative system, including:

No food restrictions

The food restrictions that come with braces can be one of the most challenging parts of treatment. Crunchy or chewy foods can damage the wires and brackets, so avoid them until you finish treatment. The final result is worth it, but it can be frustrating to go without some of your favorite foods for months. Unlike braces, which are fixed appliances, clear aligners are designed to be removed every time you eat. That means you’re free to enjoy all the treats you love as long as you brush and floss when you’re done.

Easy to maintain a good oral hygiene routine

We should all do our best to keep our teeth and gums healthy and clean, but it’s even more important during orthodontic treatment. It can be tough to brush with braces, and the nooks and crannies make it easy for bacteria to hide and multiply. With clear aligners, keeping your teeth free of food particles and harmful plaque is a cinch! Clear aligners make it easier to maintain an oral hygiene routine since you remove them to brush and floss. There are also special kits for cleaning clear aligners, or you can brush them with a soft toothbrush and denture crystals. 

Convenience and flexibility 

For athletic patients who regularly participate in sports, clear aligners can be a game-changer! You can take your aligners out before practice and games and replace them with a mouthguard to protect your mouth. They’re also great for musicians who play certain instruments since they can be taken out for short periods, like practice or concerts. And when it comes to special occasions like weddings, prom, and senior pictures, you can remove clear aligners to allow nothing but your natural smile to shine through!

Tune-Up Your Smile with Clear AlignersStraighten your smile with clear aligners from Feil Orthodontics

Dr. Feil is an experienced orthodontic expert who creates beautiful smiles for patients of all ages using various treatment options. Our team is committed to treating every patient with compassion, kindness, and respect. We want you to feel like family from the moment you make your first appointment!  

If you’re looking for a clear aligner provider you can trust, Feil Orthodontics is here for you. Dr. Feil and the rest of our talented team have the education, training, and skill to give you a rewarding orthodontic experience from start to finish. To learn more about how clear aligners can transform your smile, get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE consultation.