To our Feil Orthodontics Family:

Your health and safety are our #1 priority. We are aware of growing concern about the coronavirus pandemic in our community with evidence of community spread now documented. Recently, the American Dental Association and the North Dakota Dental Board have recommended that the dental community temporarily suspend elective procedures in order to prevent spread of infection. As a proud North Dakota Orthodontist, I respect and admire our dental community leaders for making this difficult recommendation, and I agree with it. Feil Orthodontics will suspend all non-emergent in-person patient care starting March 19, 2020 and continue to monitor patients virtually as needed until further notice.



A few things to know during this time:

1. We will continue to see patients in-person with emergent concerns. I will continue to be available to address any emergencies that arise. Call or text 222-8668 and rest assured that we’re here to help. Emergent concerns include acute pain, infection, or trauma in need of orthodontic intervention. For a complete list of American Dental Association recommendations regarding what’s considered a dental emergency, click HERE.

2. We will continue to provide virtual consultations. If you have a consultation appointment scheduled or had planned to schedule one soon, we can still see you! Just go to our homepage and click on “Start Your Virtual Consult.” We have technology in place to be able to take a look at your smile, discuss your smile goals and offer recommendations to get you started on your smile journey with us.

3. We will continue to provide virtual monitoring as needed. Dr. Feil has been providing virtual monitoring since 2015, and we have secure technology in place to be able to monitor your progress or troubleshoot concerns from home. Text us at 222-8668 and include a picture of your smile question or concern to help us get started.

4. This should not lengthen your treatment. We plan for small deviations in treatment schedule and will continue treatment as planned as soon as possible. If monitoring is necessary before we are able to reschedule with you in person, virtual monitoring that can be done from home will be coordinated.

5. We will reschedule your appointment ASAP. As soon as it is safe to open our doors to all patient care, we will reschedule your appointment and continue treatment as planned. Information regarding the presence of COVID-19 in our community is changing daily. We will be carefully monitoring facts about the coronavirus pandemic and listening to recommendations from the CDC, American Dental Association, and the North Dakota Dental Board to determine when it will be safe to reschedule appointments.  We will contact you to reschedule your in-person appointment as soon as it is safe to open our doors.

The Feil Orthodontics team is committed to doing everything we can to keep our patients and community safe. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this challenging time alongside you and your families.

Dr. Blake Feil