Life With an Expander

Listen up, Bismarck, Mandan, Beulah, and Dickinson! Today, Feil Orthodontics will spill the beans on a hot topic buzzing around our offices: the life of an expander-wearer. Dr. Feil and our superstar team are about to take a deep dive into the world of this tiny yet mighty orthodontic gadget. So, whether you’re on the brink of getting an expander, already sporting one, or just curious, there’s something for you! We’re about to lift the veil on the expander and show you how this little gizmo can supercharge your smile. 

The Expander: The Unsung Hero of Orthodontics

The orthodontic or palatal expander is like the double agent of the dental world. Its mission is to broaden your upper jaw, making room for your permanent teeth to grow straight and true. Palatal expansion is excellent for tackling dental dilemmas like crossbite, overcrowding, and impacted teeth. 

The expander helps balance your facial structure and create a more comfortable bite. How? By gently and gradually stretching your upper jaw. Here at Feil Orthodontics, we’re all about using expanders to deliver top-tier, cutting-edge orthodontic care. Our endgame? To help every patient score a dazzling smile and boost oral health and function.

Expanding Your Excellence

Getting an expander fitted is as easy as pie. During your visit, Dr. Feil will secure your custom-made expander to your upper molars using dental bands. While the placement might cause a little “ouch” or some pressure, it’s as fleeting as a summer breeze and should vanish within a few days. 

Speaking and swallowing is a tad tricky as your mouth gets used to its new resident. We suggest indulging in soft, easy-to-eat foods and using over-the-counter pain relievers to manage discomfort. With a dash of patience and a dollop of perseverance, you’ll soon be a pro at living with an expander and one step closer to your dream smile.

Life with an Expander: The New Normal

Adjusting to life with an expander might take a hot minute, but you’ll navigate it like a pro before you know it. One of the first changes you’ll notice is in your eating habits. Hard or sticky foods, like candy, popcorn, or whole apples, are now on the naughty list. They can dislodge the expander or get stuck in it. Instead, opt for softer foods and cut more oversized items into bite-sized pieces. 

Your speech might also take a temporary hit, as the expander can interfere with your tongue’s dance moves. This change is normal and temporary. Practice speaking slowly and clearly, and consider reading aloud to help speed up the adjustment process.

Keeping your mouth clean is a must when living with an expander. Regular brushing and flossing are a given, but remember to clean the expander too. We recommend using a syringe or a water flosser to flush out food particles from under the expander. 

Dr. Feil is about to lift the veil on the expander and show you how this little gizmo can supercharge your child's smile!

Tune-ups and Check-ups: The Expander Edition

Regular check-ups are like pit stops on your expander journey. These appointments let Dr. Feil keep tabs on your progress, tweak the expander as needed, and double-check that everything’s on track. During these visits, the expander usually gets a tiny tune-up to continue the expansion process. 

These check-ups also offer a chance for professional cleaning, helping to maintain oral cleanliness and ward off issues like cavities or gum disease. Remember, while you’re doing a stellar job with oral hygiene at home, some areas are hard to reach, and a professional cleaning ensures these spots are noticed.

The Finish Line: Why the Expander Adventure is Worth It

While living with an expander might throw a few curveballs your way, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize: a superb, stunning smile and teeth that work wonders. The benefits of using an expander are huge. They can have a lasting impact on both your oral health and your self-confidence.

One of the main perks of an expander is the correction of dental issues like crossbite and crowding. By creating more room in the mouth, an expander allows your teeth to align correctly, improving your bite and making daily activities like eating and speaking easier and more comfortable. 

An expander can also give your looks a boost. A well-aligned smile is often seen as more attractive, and many of our patients report a surge in self-esteem once their treatment is complete. But the benefits aren’t just skin-deep. 

At Feil Orthodontics, we get that the orthodontic treatment process can sometimes feel like a marathon. But we promise you that every step is a leap towards improved oral health and a beautiful smile. We’re here to support you throughout your journey, offering expert care, clear communication, and a friendly, welcoming environment.


Feil Orthodontics: Your One-Stop Smile Shop

We know the world of orthodontics can sometimes feel like a foreign language. But with Feil Orthodontics, you’ve got your very own translator. Our team, led by the ever-knowledgeable Dr. Blake Feil, is committed to providing top-tier orthodontic care to our patients in Bismarck, Mandan, Beulah, and Dickinson. We hope this blog post has shone a light on life with an expander and put any worries to rest. Remember, every step you take on this epic quest brings you closer to a straighter smile you’ll be unable to keep hidden. Ready to kickstart your own orthodontic adventure? Schedule a free consultation with us today.