Why You Should See a Professional for Clear Aligner Treatment

At Feil Orthodontics, clear aligners offer a discreet and powerful solution to getting a straight smile. However, not all clear aligners are made equal, and having a professional craft for your smile can be the difference between a good smile day and a bad one. Let’s dive into why you should see a professional for clear aligner treatment.

Understanding Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are plastic trays custom-made to fit snugly around your smile and adjust your teeth. They’re a great alternative to braces and are way less noticeable. Let’s look into how they work.

How They Work: Clear aligners are molded to the exact shape of your teeth, and as you progress through your treatment, each aligner will change slightly to keep moving your smile. You’ll normally change trays every one to two weeks.

The Treatment Process: You’ll start with a free consultation, where we’ll review your smile and take scans of your teeth. Once we’ve collected everything, you’ll have your first set of custom-made aligners, which you’ll wear for about 20-22 hours daily.

The Advantages: Clear aligners have tons of benefits. They’re less visible than braces, so you can go through treatment without anyone knowing. Clear aligners are smooth and more comfortable than braces. Of course, the best benefit is that clear aligners can be removed for eating, drinking, or cleaning to make life much easier.

Why You Should See a Professional for Clear Aligner Treatment

Why Choose A Professional for Clear Aligners?

Choosing professional orthodontic care isn’t just a difference in price but in safety, quality, and comfort. At Feil Orthodontics, we take the time to know you, your story, and, most importantly, your smile. 

Other options for clear aligners, like mail-in clear aligners, can present several risks and challenges that you should be aware of.

Risks of Mail-In Clear Aligners

Mail-in aligners have grown in popularity in the past few years because of their convenience and cost-effectiveness. However, what you save in a few dollars from mail-in aligners, you pay up for in other ways:

Lack of In-Person Assessments: Unlike normal orthodontic treatments, mail-in aligners often start with the patient taking an impression or pictures of them at home, which can lead to inaccuracies. Underlying or hard-to-spot issues can go unnoticed and untreated without a professional look.

Lack of Monitoring: Orthodontic treatment at Feil Orthodontics doesn’t mean you get your clear aligners and we send you on your way. You’ll come back to see us every few weeks so we can check in on your smile’s status and make sure everything is moving along. Mail-in aligners don’t have this oversight, so one misstep at home can knock your whole journey off course.

Limited Treatment Options: Mail-in aligners are designed to correct only minor smile problems. They’re not suitable for complex orthodontic issues, such as crowding or major bite problems. These limits can cause poor results or the need for more orthodontic work.

Risk of Harm: With no guidance or custom-made plans for your treatment, the chance of injury skyrockets. Issues such as tooth mobility, loss of teeth, or even damage to the jaw are all more possible when you don’t see a professional.

Overall Effectiveness: Studies have shown that the effectiveness of mail-in clear aligners is often not nearly as good as that managed by professionals. The lack of custom-fit solutions, follow-up adjustments, and general problems can lead to less than happy results.

Customer Satisfaction: When you don’t have direct contact with your orthodontist, any problems or concerns you have are harder to address. From misleading advertising, not providing adequate care or even serious legal action, some mail-in companies can turn your smile treatment into a smile disaster.

Benefits of Professional Orthodontic Care

Professional orthodontic care at Feil Orthodontics can bring you the best results with clear aligners. From customized treatment planning to long-term satisfaction, you’ll enjoy a new smile all in a comfortable journey.

Dr. Feil uses detailed imaging techniques like X-rays and 3D scans to create a precise and personalized treatment just for you. This tailored approach addresses both aesthetic concerns and functional issues.

After crafting your treatment plan, you’ll have clear aligners that address potential issues that we spot in your consultation. With regular appointments, we’ll be able to monitor the progress of your clear aligner treatments and make adjustments when needed. 

Once your clear aligner journey is complete, we’ll provide you with maintenance devices, such as retainers, to keep your new smile in its best shape. Dr. Feil will provide you with instructions on how to get the most out of your new smile.

Professional Care at Feil Orthodontics

Choosing professional orthodontic care makes sure your clear aligners are perfect for you and stay perfect for you. By choosing Feil Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your orthodontic health is in good hands. If you’re considering clear aligners or have any other questions, give us a call in Bismarck, Beulah, or Mandan. Professional care is just a free consultation away.